Reasons Why Make-up Is Good For You

The average woman spends about 15 minutes in a day in applying makeup. And there are motives why you shouldn’t feel guilty for a single second of that.
Our society has an extended history with makeup. In fact, indication of cosmetics dates back to 10,000 B.C. in ancient Egypt. Both men and women used ointments to sanitize the skin and cover up body odours. Kohl, a ground black mineral, was used to line the eyes to cut sun glare and decrease the risk of eye infection (believed to be true at the time). Soon after, coloured clays and dyes began to blush lips and stain nails. And we never stopped. Now, you can even buy makeup organizers online in Dubai from MabelSouq. Women have been using cosmetics for thousands of years, and there are many reasons why. Makeup can be really good for you for a lot of reasons.
Below mentioned are few of them:

1. Ego Boost
Do you see that emotion when you find the perfect lipstick for you? And you know that each time you put it on, you will feel actually good? If you feel worthy, you look worthy. Makeup can really give you a key boost.

2. Skin Protection
Using a foundation or tinted moisturiser covering sun protection will help defend your skin from damage (some also believe that foundation delivers some protection against pollution).

3. Quick and Easy

It doesn’t have to take eternities to put on your makeup. A humble makeup routine can make fairly a change, adding a little bit of elegance to your looks. Except you work in a business where look is very important, less is more, so keeping it humble means that it won’t take long to do your makeup.

4. Fun

Work may require a delicate look, but when it comes to your free time you can really have enjoyable time with makeup. Try a gothic or classy look, or even go wild for a themed party. Anything’s imaginable!

5. Experiment

With makeup, it doesn’t matter if you get it wrong – you can just wipe off the error and start again. What if you buy a colour and it doesn’t suit you? Look for other ways of consuming it – try using a shadow as a liner, or turning a lipstick into a lip gloss.

6. Variety

Makeup never gets uninteresting. There is a boundless variety of colours and products. You can use diverse colours every day if you like change.

7. Enhance Features

Heavy makeup isn’t gratifying, unless you’re acting on a stage. Instead, makeup can be used to compliment your best features – and play down those you’re not quite so affectionate of.

8. Cleansing
Using makeup frequently inspires you to get into a good cleansing routine. We all know that you should never go to bed without eliminating makeup, so except you’re very lazy or very weary, spending those few minutes cleansing will leave you with clean, fresh skin. You also become more organized with products like acrylic makeup organizers.

So these are the reasons why makeup is a woman’s best friend.

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