Things You’ll Only Relate To If You Love Makeup

The world is divided into two categories

1. Those who love makeup
2. Those who love makeup more than anything in the world

As for others in the context of makeup, well, they don’t exist!

Whether it’s your best friend’s wedding, graduation day, a movie date, picnic, shopping or just about any occasion (read no occasion), wearing makeup always tops your to-do-list. And why shouldn’t it? Nobody’s ever said looking good was a bad thing. On that note, take a look at 10 things you’ll relate to only if you’re a makeup lover.

  • Be it your best day or worst day in the year, you just can’t go a day without makeup.
  • You buy outfits according to your lipstick collection. I only buy outfits that will match at least three shades of lipstick I own now.
  • You struggle to fit in all your cosmetics in your vanity bag, every single morning. Because no bag is big enough. For which we have MabelSouq, visit us for gorgeous acrylic makeup organizers.
  • You may forget breakfast every morning, but not your makeup.
  • You know that expensive makeup does not mean better makeup.
  • You have a favorite beauty guru or five.
  • There’s still that one skill you have yet to master. For me, it is the winged eye liner. Just can’t get through it yet. Tell us yours in the comment section.
  • You get sad when you have to take it all off at the end of the day.
  • You can’t help but just blush when your friends compliment you on your ‘no makeup’ look.
  • You got to buy Makeup first, when the pay check arrives.
  • You’re either full beat or bare face.
  • Limited Edition Items or Collections are your weakness. I’m going to need these to stop because it’s driving me insane.
  • Your favorite pastime is watching makeup tutorials on YouTube.

Makeup-lovers are often shunned by many. But if wearing makeup gives you happiness and confidence, so be it! And if the criticism offends you, take a long romantic walk to the makeup aisle and you’ll realize how your love for makeup is way more important than anything else!

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